Jonwayne, The Rap Continued

Rap Album Two

L.A.'s hip-hop finest returns to the scene with a poetic and slick LP. Continuing from his previous LP 'Rap Album One'.


New Poems Same Questions

With Jon's D.I.Y process to creating music its clear to see he's an artist left to his own devices. Which always leads to some incredible work. Earlier during 2016 Jon has released a short collection of poems in a book titled 'Line Segments'. To no surprise, the book sold out in minutes and he featured on Gils Peterson's Worldwide FM to read some excerpts live.

Within the book itself lied some lovely stories, trials and tribulations which Jon has managed to transit into his latest LP wonderfully. 

It seems the themes of existential questions, love, life and happiness are still in the forefront of Jon's writing which still makes him all the more real.

In a twitter post he tells a story of a time in which he was in real trouble.


Jon's ability to bare his soul in something as little as a twitter post makes his work even more incredible. Still waters definitely run deep.


Long Time Coming

Any Jonwayne fan will tell you the anticipation for this release has been overwhelming. I put money on Jon even feeling the same way. However good things truly come to the patient. 'Rap Album Two' is an astonishing and capturing piece of work that combines the meditation beat of Hip-Hop, Break Beat and Downtempo with symbolic, visionary and deep lyrics. Its a must for all seasons of 2017. My hope is that this masterpiece gets a release on wax.