Antwon - Double Ecstasy

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Label Anticon

Genre Hip-Hop / Rap, New Releases

Cali rapper Antwon returns with an even stronger five track EP. Unlike his earlier releases, Double Ecstasy feels more like an album than just a collection of songs. The theme of each track seems to be similar, dealing with lots of sex and lots of drugs. Double Ecstasy is a good glimpse into the life Antwon is living. It is obvious that he is still trying to push the boundaries of his music, which is refreshing. As a musician, Antwon seems unwilling or unable to rest on one single style, but instead pushes the boundaries of what hip-hop music can or can’t be. Double Ecstasy is still a strong showcase of Antwon’s lyrical prowess as an emcee, a needed break from the unoriginal hip-hop that dominates the charts these days.



Format: 12" Translucent Red Vinyl Limited

  1. Luv
  2. 100K
  3. Girl, Flex
  4. Club
  5. Dri-fit