Charles Bradley - Changes

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Label Dapatone Records

Genre New Releases, R&B / Soul / Funk

An unlikely character, he still makes himself the original article. Led by a seemingly unlikely, but perfect cover of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” and the heartfelt of “Ain’t Gonna Give It Up”. Bradley’s third album is a sweaty, trenchant distillation of Stax-style showmanship.



Format: 12" Vinyl LP 

  1. God Bless America 
  2. Good To Be Back Home 
  3. Nobody But You 
  4. Ain't Gonna Give It Up 
  5. Changes
  6. Ain't It A Sin 
  7. Things We Do For Love 
  8. Crazy For Your Love 
  9. You Think I Don't Know (But I Know)
  10. Change For The World 
  11. Slow Love