Greys - Outer Heaven

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Label Carpark Records

Genre Alternative / Punk, New Releases

"Outer Heaven" is a massive leap forward for Toronto Alt, Punk band. Delivering on the promises made on 2015’s "Repulsion" EP, the band tempers their trademark onslaught of discordance with new textures and subtle dynamics, building a more spacious and melody-driven environment atop their noise rock foundation. They fearlessly explore every extreme, simultaneously delivering their most intense and accessible moments, often within the same song.



Format: Limited White 180g 12" Vinyl LP w/ Download Code Inside

  1. Cruelty
  2. No Star 
  3. If It's All The Same To You
  4. Blown Out
  5. Erosion
  6. Complaint Rock
  7. In For A Penny
  8. Strange World
  9. Sorcerer
  10. My Life As A Cloud